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  • Ali, great job – yes will send you a few more;
    on a different topic – Pleural seminar this year – 9th November 2018 (when we have managed to book a large lecture theatre in the Friars Gwent); we have a surgical speaker – thought an interesting topic may include surgery for flail chest, corrective surgery for chest wall deformities;

    also thought of inviting a pathologist to speak about challenging mesothelioma diagnosis; someone to talk about fibulin measurements; maybe an anaesthetist to talk about conscious sedation (? ), last year’s seminar someone asked for a talk by the Coroner on occupational disease? (have to find a speaker)


  • anyone interested to make a suggestion for topic to present at the pleural seminar please get in touch;
    so far we have a ‘surgical domination’ at the seminar – presentations of management of ‘flail chest’ and other topics. Regards, Alina

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